Break To The Future

Bringing the ultimate customer experience into the tennis world

If an image is worth a thousand words, an interactive 3D experience speaks for a thousand images, and that’s why we’ve built a 3D “time machine” that will Immediately transport you to the future, called DAHCOR ARCADE. Anyone can accurately produce not only their own custom-made tennis rackets but also tailor made apparel, personalized bags or bespoke tennis shoes, all through the most realistic 3D product builder. More than three years of development went into this game changing device to revolutionize the Tennis Industry and its shopping experience in the entire planet. How? The DAHCOR ARCADE will allow you to: 

  • choose the most authentic Avatars as personal gear gurus to give real time advices in your language, including our founder Mr. Dahcor, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

  • see yourself in the “mirror” wearing the apparel that you are customizing in real time, checking how it looks but also how it fits, all powered by Kinect technology. 

  • check how your tennis gear looks on a tennis court or where you are, through augmented reality technology.

  • mint NFTs of your “one of a kind” products, investing your own designs as non fungible tokens.

  • find and catch invisible mystery boxes secretly placed around it, containing several tennis suprises.

Many other game-changing surprises to be unveiled while the countdown lasts, but all 3D product builders and most of these features will also be available in our Website and also in our App, all to be released on the next 4th of July 2022.  

Also in the Future… 

By now, you’ve likely heard of the Metaverse - it’d be hard to avoid it - and DAHCOR as a preeminent technology player will take global connectivity to the next level becoming a pioneer in the Tennis Industry for creating its very own METAHCOR - a virtual world where tennis lovers can gather to socialize digitally through 3 dimensional interfaces, social media AR filters, mint NFTs or virtually visit outstanding NFT galleries. Anyone will be able to play tennis video games, create their own tennis Avatars and have access to immersive, interactive, real-time content such as exclusive product launches and different types of live events, some of them occurring in a virtual DAHCOR TENNIS CENTER (DTC). METAHCOR is a promise of something that will bring the ultimate digital experience into the real world and vice versa; using 3D, Augmented reality, Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality, and other state of the art technologies, METAHCOR will bring you a whole new experience available in over 50 languages, including Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, English, French, Arab, and many others.



Back To The Past

We are a Portuguese brand that aims for first-class products with incomparable performance and aesthetics, through small production runs, exclusive limited editions, unique custom graphics, and extreme quality control.  

After 2 years of exhaustively working on R&D, we have created a unique business model that went live on October, 2018. The response from the market has been extremely positive and our customers obey no demographic patterns. 

DAHCOR products aren't distinct just because they look better. Their exceptionality may come from the handmade craft, but the heart and mind we put into every product is what makes all the difference. Facts.


More than a motto, it is our pledge to each and every customer that we will stop at nothing to create the world's greatest tennis products. With no cost or time constraints, our attention is aimed at both performance and finishes in the exact same proportion. We believe every innovation should not only improve your game but also provide you with an exhilarating experience on every hit.

Our Founder

DAHCOR was founded in October 2018 by creative serial entrepreneur and certified tennis nut, Ricardo Rocha, aka Mr. Dahcor, THE FANATIC WHO STARTED IT ALL! His goals were to determine if DAHCOR could produce the best tennis gear by using the world's finest materials, and allowing each customer to craft their own unique personalized design.

Best-known as Ricardo Dahcor, he is widely recognized for his disruptive thinking and countless innovative product developments, but most of all for his passion for the greatest game ever played and his equally passionate obsession with technology, customization and innovation.

For Ricardo’s insights and thoughts on all things DAHCOR, follow @mrdahcor on social media!

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