Set Strings


Welcome to the forefront of innovation with DAHCOR's SET (Sustainable Engineered Tennis) Strings. These strings are a cornerstone of our SET program, blending advanced engineering with our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Innovative String Technology

Sustainable Materials: Crafted from 100% recycled PET bottles, SET strings epitomize DAHCOR's innovative approach to sustainable sports gear, transforming environmental challenges into high-performance solutions.

Technical Excellence: SET strings offer a unique combination of durability and feel. Available in two gauges – 1.25mm for balanced play and 1.30mm for enhanced durability – they cater to various playstyles, balancing eco-friendliness with superior performance.

Product Highlights

Elegant Design: Presented in pristine white, symbolizing our commitment to environmental purity.

Versatile Packaging: Available as a 12m Bundle for individual racket restringing or a 200m Reel for extensive stringing needs.

Advancing Tennis with Sustainability

Innovative Development: SET strings represent DAHCOR's research in sustainable sports technology, setting new benchmarks in environmental responsibility and performance.

Conscious Choice: Choosing SET strings reflects a lifestyle that values sustainability without compromising the quality of play.

Join us in a Greener Tennis Future

Embrace a sustainable future in tennis with DAHCOR's SET Strings, where every game contributes to a more sustainable world.

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