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A Glimpse into the Future

At DAHCOR, we're always moving forward, constantly innovating and expanding our horizons. As we prepare for a series of exciting launches and unveilings, here's a sneak peek into what's in store for you in the coming months:


Rackets Collections

Get ready for an extraordinary showcase of tennis craftsmanship as DAHCOR unveils its exclusive racket collections. Each collection, from the regal Aurum to the minimalist Vanta, embodies unparalleled artistry and advanced technology. These are not just rackets; they are emblematic of style, innovation, and personal expression. Anticipate the grand reveal of these unique collections and be prepared to discover a range that truly aligns with every facet of a player's identity. 


Apparel Line


Prepare to be impressed by DAHCOR's upcoming sports apparel line. Embodying the finest European craftsmanship, this exclusive custom line harmonizes style with sustainability. Crafted from eco-friendly fabrics, each item showcases superior design, setting DAHCOR apart in the world of athletic wear. Our apparel transcends mere functionality; it's a commitment to environmental stewardship and refined elegance.

Bags Collection

Prepare for the arrival of DAHCOR's exceptional bags collection, a perfect fusion of minimalist design and eco-conscious crafting, adhering to our Sustainable Engineered Tennis (SET) principles. With meticulous European craftsmanship at their core, these bags are not only functional but also a statement of style and sustainability. Crafted from environmentally friendly materials, each bag speaks volumes about DAHCOR's commitment to combining sleek design with eco-responsibility.


Custom Shoe Line

Continuing our dedication to customization and sustainability, our tennis shoes, like many DAHCOR products from rackets to bags and apparel, offer extensive customization options. Each pair combines the essence of minimalist design with our Sustainable Engineered Tennis (SET) principles. Crafted with precision and environmentally friendly materials, our shoes represent the pinnacle of eco-conscious innovation and personal expression. 


New Racket Sports

Padel brings an exciting blend of tennis and squash elements, promising a fresh avenue of athleticism and strategy. Our approach to Padel will mirror the innovation and quality that DAHCOR is known for, offering gear that's not only high-performing but also embedded with our core values of sustainability and customization.

Following Padel, we'll introduce Pickleball. This sport, combining elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, is gaining global popularity for its accessibility and fun. Expect DAHCOR's entry into Pickleball to bring the same level of innovation, quality, and eco-conscious craftsmanship that defines all our products.


Mr. Dahcor World

An exclusive gateway into the life of Ricardo Rocha, the founder of DAHCOR. One of the key highlights of "Mr. Dahcor's World" is Ricardo's upcoming book, "GAME SET LIFE." In addition to exclusive insights, explore a curated selection of personal gear and merchandise. Subscribers receive regular updates, sneak peeks into upcoming projects, and exclusive offers. It's more than just content; it's an ongoing conversation between Ricardo and a  community passionate about tennis and innovation. "Mr. Dahcor's World" is not just a section of a website; it's an  interactive experience that invites you to step into the world of tennis, innovation and creativity. Join us to be inspired, informed, and engaged with someone that is extremely passionate about the racket sports industry!


Sports Collectibles 

Launching in May, this groundbreaking venture extends across 17 different sports, allowing enthusiasts to create and collect unique digital assets that resonate with their passion and creativity. The BYO NFT platform is more than just a digital collection; it's a revolution in sports memorabilia. It provides a canvas where imagination meets the digital world, enabling users to design and possess unique collectibles in various sports. Whether you're a fan of tennis, Padel, Pickleball, or any of the 14 other sports, the BYO NFT platform offers an unmatched opportunity to craft and own a piece of the digital sports universe.

Later in the year, we will expand this exciting digital realm with the launch of our Sports Series. This series will feature a collection of themed digital collectibles, each celebrating the spirit and artistry of different sports. These collections will combine the beauty of digital art with the thrill of sports, offering a unique and engaging experience for sports fans and collectors alike.

Stay tuned for these groundbreaking releases and be among the first to dive into the world of DAHCOR Digital Collectibles and BYO NFT. Witness how we're redefining sports memorabilia in the digital age.

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