Our Soul Elements


DAHCOR develops custom made tennis equipment, for demanding players who look for their identity on their gear.


Our range of products is designed to be multifaceted so that it can accommodate any kind of player. Regardless of which features take center stage during play time, DAHCOR has the perfect material for every requirement and every performance level. From heavy-duty training tennis rackets to demanding professional strings, we offer a broad spectrum of products for players to use on court.


We accommodate special demands with a hybrid business model, meaning that DAHCOR’s concern is offering the highest level of performance and simultaneously, the same level of comfort using tailor-made solutions that allow players to enjoy and feel the game with their own persona.


DAHCOR design team developed innovative products with the state of the art technology. The use of premium materials and the continuous monitoring of the manufacturing and production processes, will meet all necessary requirements to secure a relevant position worldwide in the near future, both in terms of market share and clearly as a concept pioneer.


 At DAHCOR, we profoundly believe in performing to the best of our abilities to maximize tennis players’ experience on court. We are committed to share and spread our passion and intensity, as well as our unparalleled customizing expertise with those who share our enthusiasm for Tennis as the greatest sport.


With our products, players will experience tennis passionately among friends, family or on competition, experiencing every moment and treasure each sport-affirming memory. Simply, to strive for continuously performance improvement.


We are fully dedicated to produce tennis products of the highest quality that allow players, of every level, to play to their full potential, whether they are weekenders or top competitors. 


Using the most advanced technology, superior craftsmanship and the finest materials, our gear is designed and hand-crafted to maximize performance no matter the player level, built with an expertise previously reserved solely for the Champions.


At DAHCOR we drive business seriously on delivering custom made products with the highest quality for tennis players worldwide. In doing so, we will be one step closer to make DAHCOR’s spirit, live on through the next decades to become the greatest Tennis Brand ever, without being the biggest one, but definitely the best. This mindset expresses our desire to cultivate such spirit and spread it further, extending DAHCOR’s philosophy in an unbroken line.


Trendsetting-oriented along with cutting-edge technologies, DAHCOR’s Brand DNA combines best-in-class design, quality and usability to help players of all levels to have the best possible tennis experience, through personalized equipment. We are passionately committed to develop unique products in today’s dynamics of customization, and to help our customers stay stylish on court right in their comfort zone. We know that devil hides in our products’ designs, but we also know heaven is found in its performance. For DAHCOR performance and design are one and the same thing. 

DAHCOR idea was born in 2017 when we found that there weren’t any Brands producing made-to-measure products in the tennis industry. Seeing this opportunity and fueled by our passion for all custom products/services, we set out to develop a brand that would:

• Always have manufacturing capacity to produce differentiated products;

• Provide the best technical support before and after delivering products;

• Have Tech Specifications that make sense to every kind of customer;

• Make custom products online easier to any user develop and order;

• Give equal support and attention to amateur and professional players. 

Driven by superior quality control and high technical standards, our tennis products are full of life, color and creativity.

We want our gear to be alive and vibrant, to make our customers stand out, be different and be noticed in the best possible way! Just like everyone has a different DNA, we like to think every DAHCOR product has its own unique DNA strand of individuality!


DAHCOR’s company culture incorporates a very strong commitment to develop new products and designs, releasing at least 1 new product to the market every single day. DAHCOR staff is encouraged to have fun while they work and to always strive to think creatively and independently. This working spirit, coupled with our strong focus on customer satisfaction, is strongly embraced and enjoyed by all team members.

At DAHCOR we pride ourselves on our customer service and technical support provided by our IDNA Lab. We understand that for many of our customers it is the first time they have develop their own custom made products, so we are always there to support and help them learn and succeed, by offering advice and technical support from our experts.

Our IDNA Lab incorporates:

• A team of innovators who explore ways to develop new products every step of the way;

• An engineering team that transforms concepts into reality, developing new technologies;

• Custom designed Lab equipment to test every product to the most demanding real-world use;

• A showroom that allows focus groups to interact with all of our developments.

Our customers benefit from our continuous investment in innovation, quality and design from our IDNA Lab, which can be seen in all our product range


Innovation can make all the difference on court and that’s the core of what we do at our IDNA LAB.

We make tennis more enjoyable by designing products that match the player’s exact needs, creating a one-of-a-kind experience through technologies never seen before in the Tennis industry.

Each DAHCOR product is designed and engineered in our IDNA LAB to be produced in our several factories in Portugal, but also in Austria where are strings are made, and China, where DAHCOR manufactures its tennis balls and overgrips.

We also innovate having the best level of care and attention to detail from the beginning to the end of each product´s production, until it is on the hands of a satisfied customer, product by product, one player at a time.

Our sole focus is to design and produce the most innovative products for tennis enthusiasts, regardless of their level of play.  


DAHCOR’s tennis products provide elegant and modern designs that solve the serious and unmet problems that players all over the world have when they need to identify “their own” Brand.

The classic but revolutionary design that DAHCOR offers to their clients, along with tailored-made solutions with a Brand DNA in all range of products, will give a unique opportunity for customers to have their own products with the quality they need to perform on the court. 

Besides DAHCOR designs, with our B.Y.O. platform where individuality precede product, clients can lead all the creativity process making their own design with billions of cosmetic possibilities.

With the best-in-class design offer, DAHCOR will also prove that high performance and design are one and the same thing. 


After a really long research, DAHCOR has developed high quality tennis products, with competition canons combined and a unique design. DAHCOR will give consumers an opportunity through its products to be part of something different, something exclusive, with the best technical materials to provide the best performance for those who live and breathe tennis 24/7.

DAHCOR deploys the latest technologies on its exclusive product range, and enable interactive browsing to create a personalized shopping/viewing experience. Users can drag and drop colors, fabrics, materials and other specific options on their personalized products to mix and match solutions in almost all product range, creating designs that can really inspire people.


“ I think brands are always looking to attach themselves to endorsed athletes, celebrities, tastemakers – whatever helps them broadcast their message to the consumer, forgetting that we are in new era, where made-to-measure is what clients look for. I personally believe in building DAHCOR Brand with likeminded people that share our direction and attitude, and our true passion for Tennis. That’s how we are going to break into a very mature market filled with multibillion dollar giants where the biggest challenge will be changing perceptions.

If we stick with our point of view and our mindset, players from all ages and levels will come around. I have no doubts about it. We all know consumers are conditioned to one aesthetic and that it can be hard to win hearts and minds, but our Clients will respect an independent brand clashing with the heavyweights of the Tennis industry with a completely different approach, not only on the products but also on the communication, that breeds passion for “the” Sport.

I envision a future where players like you lead design, and where individuality precedes the product. I believe that if we reunite design and substance, finding the natural synchronization between technology and what the sport demands, our vision of the future will get one step closer to reality.

Welcome and thanks for visiting DAHCOR!

Sincerely yours,


It's pronounced “THE CORE”. It’s the Brand’s founder name “Rocha” written backwards, and the added D is an honoured dedication to his late Father. This gives the brand a personal element, that along with the technology expertise and the passion for Tennis, will make our customers feel it in any experience they have with our company.