Origin, Values, and Milestones


DAHCOR is more than just a brand; it embodies our core values and vision. Founded in Portugal by Ricardo Rocha, a serial entrepreneur with an unyielding commitment to innovation, DAHCOR holds a profound passion for tennis at its core. 

The name DAHCOR, symbolizing 'The Core,' is a heartfelt tribute to Ricardo's late father. It represents 'ROCHA,' his father's last name, spelled backward, with the 'D' at the beginning standing for 'Dad.' This creative and meaningful reversal honors the foundational impact of Ricardo's father in both life and the essence of the brand. 

DAHCOR is a reflection of one man's unwavering commitment to European craftsmanship, heritage, and his relentless pursuit of innovation which is now being carried forward as a legacy.


 In a market dominated by established brands, tennis equipment customization was once a privilege reserved only for professional players. DAHCOR emerged to challenge this norm with a fresh perspective. 

We recognized that every tennis player, like their gameplay, is unique. This individualism wasn't seen as a challenge, but as an untapped potential. To realize this vision, we launched the Build Your Own (BYO) platform in 2018. 

This groundbreaking feature did more than enable customization; it reimagined the customer's role, turning them into creators. BYO empowered players at all levels to influence their equipment, bringing unprecedented personalization to tennis.


The BYO platform's debut was a defining moment in tennis gear history. It gave players unprecedented power to design their gear, tailoring every detail to their preferences. 

This customization went beyond aesthetics, allowing players to influence their gear's technical specifications. The impact was profound – a paradigm shift in player-equipment interaction.

BYO broke the mold of tennis gear, democratizing customization, once an elite athlete's privilege, into a standard for every player. Personalization became not just a luxury but a fundamental demand across all levels.

At DAHCOR, we sparked more than disruption; we led an entire shift in mindset. Our approach redefined the player-racket relationship, elevating expectations beyond player desires. 

DAHCOR today transcends being just a brand; we're a movement that continuously challenges norms and stereotypes, dedicated to player-driven innovation and a future bound only by imagination.


At DAHCOR, every piece of sports gear is a masterpiece, emerging from extraordinary attention to detail and quality. Our craftsmanship begins with the selection of materials and extends to the final touches of production and finishing.

Every component of our gear is subject to meticulous scrutiny and refinement. This unwavering commitment to excellence is not just a standard; it's a reflection of our belief in the importance of the minutest details, elevating our products from good to exceptional.

Our dedication to precision is woven into DAHCOR's ethos. Every thread, stitch, and curve in our gear tells a story of passion and the relentless quest for perfection. We aim to set new standards in a market craving innovation, personalization, and extraordinary care.

DAHCOR's craftsmanship is our hallmark, making our gear distinct. We strive to not just meet but exceed customer expectations, offering an unmatched experience in sports gear. This meticulous care is our promise, ensuring every DAHCOR player feels and appreciates our commitment.


At DAHCOR, we go beyond conventional sports equipment, embracing a 'phygital' approach that blends physical and digital aspects. Since 2018, our incorporation of advanced NFC technology has not just enhanced our gear but has revolutionized the sports experience. This NFC feature transforms our equipment into more than just tools for the game:

Comprehensive Information Access: Each piece of gear becomes a detailed information hub, offering insights into technical specifications and unique attributes.

Proof of Ownership and Guarantee: NFC provides digital certification of ownership and guarantee, affirming the authenticity and quality of our products.

Craftsmanship Insights: This technology reveals the journey and skilled individuals behind each product, from manufacturing to quality control.

Personalized Digital Gallery: Accompanying each item is a digital gallery, highlighting its craftsmanship and quality in exquisite detail.

Direct Support Connection: NFC creates a direct link to our support managers, ensuring help is always within reach.

The adoption of NFC in our gear exemplifies DAHCOR's commitment to innovation. It's about enhancing the player experience with a fusion of physical excellence and digital convenience. This 'phygital' synergy is fundamental to our mission, redefining the capabilities of sports gear and forging a deeper connection between players and their equipment.


At DAHCOR, we're not just adapting to the future; we're actively crafting it in the web3 space. Our innovative BYO platform goes beyond tangible equipment, entering the digital realm to redefine sports gear conceptualization across multiple sports. This digital foray enables enthusiasts to design their own digital gear, encapsulating their unique preferences and styles in an exciting new way.

NFT Integration: Our digital creations aren't merely virtual; they are minted as NFTs, free of charge. This empowers creators with full intellectual property rights over their distinctive designs.

Versatility Across Virtual Worlds: Our digital sports gear is built for adaptability. It's interoperable, fitting smoothly into various virtual worlds, games, and metaverse environments. This flexibility allows our gear to transcend single platforms or sports, offering a broad range of digital experiences.

Promoting Physical Activity: This venture into the digital domain aims to inspire younger generations. By bridging digital and physical sports, we strive to spark an interest in physical sports activities, using digital gear as a catalyst for real-world engagement.

DAHCOR's move into digital sports gear ushers in a new phase of innovation and engagement. It invites the sports community to discover, create, and participate in a digitally enhanced sporting experience that crosses various sports and breaks conventional barriers.


The BYO Arcade is a transformative step in interactive technology, taking the BYO experience to new heights. This advanced device is not just a tool; it's a gateway to limitless creativity in sports gear design.

Unleashing Creativity in Sports Gear: The BYO Arcade offers users the freedom to design custom sports gear, from rackets to sneakers, apparel, and unique accessories. It provides an expansive canvas for creativity, enabling users to align their gear with their personal style and preferences.

Augmented Reality Integration: A standout feature of the BYO Arcade is its use of Augmented Reality (AR). This technology brings user creations to life, allowing for realistic visualization and interaction. Unlike conventional design tools, the BYO Arcade lets users see and experience their custom gear in real-time, all without needing a VR headset.

Gamification and Immersive Experience: The BYO Arcade elevates the design process with gamification elements. It's more than a creation tool; it's an engaging experience combining the thrill of sports with the fun of gaming. This approach turns gear selection into an immersive, exciting journey.

Revolutionizing Gear Interaction: By merging cutting-edge technology, creative freedom, and gamification, the BYO Arcade redefines industry standards. It transforms the customer's interaction with sports gear into an engaging, interactive, and enjoyable experience.

The BYO Arcade exemplifies DAHCOR's dedication to innovation, offering a unique, delightful, and groundbreaking approach to sports gear connection. It's an experience set to captivate, inspire, and push the limits of creativity in sports gear design.


In the vibrant nexus of art, sports, and digital technology, DAHCOR stands ready to leave a significant imprint with its diverse NFT collections. These aren't just digital tokens; they represent a creative fusion that redefines the sports industry for the digital era.

Diverse NFT Collections: Our range includes digital sports gear and thematic series like 'Eternal Athletes' and 'Angels of the Field.' These collections are crafted to spark imagination, blending artistic creativity with the spirit of athleticism.

Art Meets Athleticism: Each NFT is a work of art, embodying the harmonious blend of artistic expression and sporting excellence. With narratives and designs appealing to sports fans and art lovers alike, these digital collectibles add a new dimension to sports appreciation.

Accessible Minting and Ownership: In line with our goal of digital inclusivity, we offer users the chance to mint these NFTs free of charge, allowing them to own a piece of this digital revolution and retain one collectible per collection in their wallets.

Leading Digital Innovation: Our aim with these collectibles is to spearhead a digital transformation where art, sports, and technology converge. We're committed to leading this innovative journey, ensuring our collections symbolize a new era of creativity and sportsmanship beyond conventional limits.

DAHCOR's Digital Collectibles are more than mere NFTs; they embody our vision of merging sports, art, and technology. As pioneers in this domain, we invite sports enthusiasts, art aficionados, and tech experts to explore and own a part of this thrilling digital story.


The DAHCOR Tennis Club (DTC) is set to redefine what a tennis community can be. More than just a club, DTC is an innovative concept poised to revolutionize the tennis world. It embodies innovation, exclusivity, and a sense of community, offering an unrivaled tennis experience.

Revolutionizing Tennis Communities: DTC transcends the traditional tennis club model. It's about creating a space where enthusiasts share a passion for innovation and excellence in tennis. It's where tradition converges with the future, providing members with a unique tennis experience.

Global Expansion Plan: Over the next five years, our goal is to take the DTC concept global. We aim to establish DAHCOR Tennis Clubs worldwide, introducing our distinct approach to tennis communities internationally. Each club will be a focal point of innovation, exclusivity, and community, designed to enhance the local tennis landscape.

Collaboration with Slinger Bag: Our partnership with Slinger Bag epitomizes our shared commitment to advancing tennis. As Mike Ballardie, Chairman & CEO of Slinger Bag, notes, "This partnership is pivotal for Slinger Bag, and I'm thrilled to support Ricardo's pioneering vision in tennis."

The DAHCOR Tennis Club is more than just a place; it's a movement. A movement that advocates for innovation, fosters community, and aims to make a lasting impact on the international tennis stage.


In 2022, DAHCOR embarked on a transformative journey towards global expansion by forming a strategic partnership with a leading U.S. company specializing in racket sports distribution. This alliance represents more than a business deal; it's a fusion of shared values and a joint commitment to innovate and elevate racket sports worldwide.

Five-Year Global Expansion Vision: We're currently in a detailed five-year plan, aiming to broaden DAHCOR's global footprint. This partnership is a pivotal part of our strategy, marking a significant step in our quest to become a renowned global name in racket sports.

Synergistic Collaboration for Greater Reach: This alliance enables us to introduce our unique customization ethos to a broader audience, benefiting from our partner's logistical and marketing expertise. It's a synergistic relationship that merges DAHCOR's innovation with our partner's distribution and marketing acumen.

Overcoming Challenges: The path has faced hurdles, including the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the pandemic's aftermath, which caused significant delays. Despite these challenges, we remain dedicated to our mission.

Anticipating the Future: We're looking towards May 2024 for full international operations, and by year's end, DAHCOR's presence will be global. This expansion is about more than reaching new markets; it's about introducing DAHCOR's innovative and personalized approach to players worldwide.

This distribution agreement is a milestone in DAHCOR's history, showcasing our growth, resilience, and dedication to revolutionizing the racket sports industry. Our global expansion is not just a business move; it's a mission to spread DAHCOR's unique philosophy to every corner of the world.


I think brands are always looking to attach themselves to endorsed athletes, celebrities, tastemakers – whatever helps them broadcast their message to the consumer, forgetting that we are in new era, where made-to-measure is what clients look for. I personally believe in building DAHCOR Brand with likeminded people that share our direction and attitude, and our true passion for Tennis. That’s how we are going to break into a very mature market filled with multibillion dollar giants where the biggest challenge will be changing perceptions.

If we stick with our point of view and our mindset, players from all ages and levels will come around. I have no doubts about it. We all know consumers are conditioned to one aesthetic and that it can be hard to win hearts and minds, but our Clients will respect an independent brand clashing with the heavyweights of the Tennis industry with a completely different approach, not only on the products but also on the communication, that breeds passion for “the” Sport.

I envision a future where players like you lead design, and where individuality precedes the product. I believe that if we reunite design and substance, finding the natural synchronization between technology and what the sport demands, our vision of the future will get one step closer to reality.

Welcome and thanks for visiting DAHCOR!

Sincerely yours,

Ricardo Rocha


Experience DAHCOR's fusion of European craftsmanship and heritage with relentless innovation, a legacy of excellence redefining the world of sports gear. A brand where tradition meets modernity, crafting an enduring legacy of quality and creativity.