Set Balls

pioneering a greener game

Introducing the DAHCOR SET Tennis Balls – the embodiment of our Sustainable Engineered Tennis program. These balls are designed for players who are conscious of their environmental impact and seek a planet-friendly option in their game.

A New Era of Eco-Conscious Tennis

Fully Recycled, Zero Waste: DAHCOR's recycled tennis ball is a groundbreaking innovation, the first of its kind. Our unique process utilizes entire tennis balls, ensuring no waste is left behind. This represents a significant step towards a future where tennis balls are not contributors to environmental pollution.

Uncompromised Performance: While being eco-friendly, our tennis balls meet all the performance standards of pressurized tournament tennis balls. Made according to ITF standards, they ensure that players do not have to compromise between ethics and excellence.

Product Features

High-Quality Standards: DAHCOR SET Tennis Balls are crafted to provide optimal performance in matches and training. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of the ball, from its bounce to its durability.

European Craftsmanship: Proudly produced in Europe, DAHCOR is the only racket sports brand manufacturing tennis balls on the continent. Even the cloth of our tennis balls is sourced from England, ensuring top-tier quality and sustainability.

Join the Sustainable Tennis Movement

Ethical and Excellent: With DAHCOR SET Tennis Balls, players get the best of both worlds – a product that aligns with their environmental values without sacrificing on-court performance.

A Greener Future in Tennis: By choosing DAHCOR SET Tennis Balls, you are part of a movement towards a more sustainable future in tennis. These balls are a testament to our belief that the sports we love can and should contribute positively to the health of our planet.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Four-Ball PET Plastic Tubes: In alignment with our sustainability goals, DAHCOR SET Tennis Balls are offered in environmentally responsible PET plastic tubes, each containing four balls. This packaging is carefully chosen to minimize environmental impact while ensuring product safety and integrity.

Classic Yellow and White: Catering to different player preferences and styles, DAHCOR SET Tennis Balls are available in two colors – the traditional optic yellow for standard play and a classic white for players who prefer a touch of tradition in their game.

Extending Sustainability Beyond the Court

As part of DAHCOR's broader Sustainable Engineered Tennis (SET) program, the SET Tennis Balls are a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing the sports industry with sustainable practices.

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