Incomparable Technology


DAHCOR Strings factory is the only manufacturer that uses Polypropylene in the production of strings, in addition to the more common materials. With Power Ribbons, we have a revolutionary string technology which uses elastic tapes instead of the traditional fibers. Since 1990 that our factory has carried out successful research on methods for the post processing and optimization of materials, such as double heating, a thermal after treatment which makes it possible to produce unusual state-of-the-art products like no other Brands. 

DAHCOR will also introduce a hybrid custom system that will make it even easier for tournament and professional players: we have the ability to accommodate the needs of each and every player by offering four types of hybrid strings to choose from, each of which has its own different features. Players can combine the mains and the crosses however they like, and the result is a highly individual tailor-made string bed.

Moreover, a great advantage of this system is that it considerably increases the durability of the string. While the mains often break on traditionally strung rackets because their movements are stronger as they rub against the cross strings, hybrid stringing makes it possible to combine a more stable and, therefore, longer-lasting main string with an elastic cross string. This results in substantially less racket deformation and, at the same time, a longer service life for the string bed tension.

With incomparable technology, comes incomparable products like the Hybrid Strings, the 1st dynamic strings ever: two state-of-the-art strings synchronized especially with each other result of intensive research and the perfect match of two strings tailored microscopically. One string mainly consists of soft Polyester Elastomer and offers an abundance of touch, speed and spin potential, while simultaneously ensuring minimal loss of tension. In comparison, stiffness of the second string is significantly higher and ensures outstanding control, precision and durability.

By combining the two, both types of stringing offer balance of performance and a great game of tennis.

With DAHCOR Strings you will have the opportunity to play and gain, with no pain!