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S.E.T. Program


The S.E.T. Program

Sustainable Engineered Tennis

At DAHCOR, sustainability is not just a part of our process; it’s at the heart of everything we do – from each game we play to every product we craft. We recognize that our passion for racket sports brings with it a responsibility to care for our planet, the very ground on which we play and celebrate our victories.

In a world increasingly affected by human activity, adopting sustainable practices isn’t just a choice; it’s an imperative, particularly in the realm of sports. The impact of resource utilization, manufacturing processes, and global distribution in sports is immense, leaving a significant environmental footprint. As a leader in the racket sports industry, we believe it’s our duty to champion environmental stewardship, proving that sporting excellence can coexist with environmental consciousness.

The SET (Sustainable Engineered Tennis) program, symbolized by the motto “Rally for the Planet,” is the embodiment of our dedication to sustainability. This program illustrates our commitment to incorporating eco-friendly practices across all areas of our business. From the selection of materials to the delivery of our products, every aspect of DAHCOR’s operations is imbued with a sense of ecological responsibility.

But the SET program is more than a framework for sustainable operations; it’s a call to action for our community, partners, and customers. We invite you all to join us in this vital mission. By working together, we can ensure that the sports we love and cherish today will continue to be enjoyed and celebrated by future generations.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Eco-Friendly Materials in Our Product Range

Our commitment to sustainability at DAHCOR begins with the materials we choose. We use a range of eco-friendly materials across our products, ensuring that each item reflects our dedication to environmental responsibility. Our rackets, apparel, and accessories are made with sustainable materials that minimize environmental impact without compromising quality and performance. From recycled fabrics in our clothing lines to biodegradable materials in our racket components, we are constantly exploring new ways to make our products more sustainable.

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Our manufacturing processes are designed with sustainability at their core. DAHCOR’s production facilities use energy-efficient technologies to reduce our carbon footprint. We have implemented waste reduction techniques that minimize material wastage and repurpose and recycle where possible. Our focus extends to every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring that we conserve energy, reduce emissions, and make the most of our resources. This approach allows us to create high-quality products while significantly lowering our environmental impact.

Adherence to Environmental Standards and Certifications

DAHCOR takes pride in adhering to stringent environmental standards and certifications. Our commitment to sustainability is a practice backed by compliance with recognized eco-friendly certifications. We continuously assess and update our processes to align with the latest environmental regulations and standards, ensuring that our operations meet and often exceed industry benchmarks for sustainability.

In our journey towards a greener future, we are committed to transparency and accountability. DAHCOR’s dedication to sustainable practices in materials and manufacturing is a testament to our belief that the best sports products can and should be made responsibly.

Innovation in Product Design

Integrating Product Design in the SET Program

At DAHCOR, the Sustainable Engineered Tennis (SET) program is a guiding light for our product design. We recognize that our environmental impact extends to every design choice we make. Therefore, our design philosophy is deeply intertwined with our commitment to the SET program, ensuring that our products meet high standards of performance and aesthetics while positively contributing to the planet.

Innovative Designs and Technologies: A SET Perspective

In line with the SET program, our innovation targets products traditionally harmful to the environment. Tennis balls, strings, and overgrips, often quickly replaced and discarded, present a significant environmental challenge. Despite their brief performance lifespan, their environmental impact is long-lasting. DAHCOR, embracing the SET philosophy, is the only racket sports brand to produce these items entirely from recycled materials. This move transforms these products from potential waste to sustainable assets. Our tennis balls, strings, and overgrips are now symbols of environmental care, crafted from repurposed materials, balancing quality with eco-responsibility.

Future Focus: Recycled Carbon Fiber and SET

The SET program’s commitment to sustainability is further enhanced by our pioneering use of recycled carbon fiber in our products. This innovative approach is crucial for our future product lines, especially in our racket range. Utilizing recycled carbon fiber aligns with the SET program’s goals to reduce our environmental footprint while improving product strength, durability, and performance.

DAHCOR’s journey in product design, as guided by the SET program, is a testament to our belief in the synergy between outstanding sporting products and environmental mindfulness. As we continue to develop new sustainable solutions, we invite our customers and the wider community to join us in this essential, SET-driven journey towards a more sustainable future in sports.

Sustainable Packaging & Distribution

Eco-friendly Packaging

Under the Sustainable Engineered Tennis (SET) program, DAHCOR extends its commitment to sustainability to include the packaging of our products. We utilize a range of eco-friendly packaging materials, such as recycled paper, biodegradable plastics, and PET plastics known for their recyclability. This choice ensures that our packaging process minimizes our ecological footprint, protecting our products and the environment simultaneously.

Reducing Carbon Footprint in Distribution

Aligned with the SET program’s objectives, DAHCOR actively works to reduce our carbon footprint in distribution. Our logistics strategies aim to optimize transportation routes, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. We prioritize energy-efficient transportation methods and collaborate with logistics partners who share our commitment to sustainability. Continuously evaluating and enhancing our distribution processes, we seek innovative and eco-friendly delivery solutions to further reduce our environmental impact.

Carbon Offsetting Initiatives and Partnerships

In line with the SET program, DAHCOR recognizes that some emissions are currently unavoidable, leading us to engage actively in carbon offsetting initiatives. We partner with organizations focused on environmental conservation and invest in projects that effectively counterbalance our carbon emissions. These range from reforestation to renewable energy projects, chosen for their significant impact on carbon offsetting.

Our involvement in these initiatives goes beyond meeting sustainability targets; it’s a reflection of our deeper responsibility towards our environmental impact. In keeping with the SET program’s ethos, DAHCOR aims to do more than just neutralize our carbon footprint; we strive to make a positive contribution to global environmental conservation efforts.

Achievements & Future Goals

Eco Milestones

Throughout our journey towards sustainability, DAHCOR has achieved significant milestones under the SET program. We proudly became the first racket sports brand to offer products made entirely from recycled materials, thereby setting a new industry standard. Our FS2M service and the introduction of the NFC Butt Cap™ using recycled carbon fiber stand as strong testaments to our commitment to environmental responsibility. Furthermore, our global expansion, focused on sustainable practices, demonstrates that growth and sustainability are not mutually exclusive but can indeed coexist.

Our Vision for the Future

As we look forward, DAHCOR remains dedicated to further reducing our environmental impact, guided by the objectives of our SET program:

Continued Innovation: We aim to persistently innovate in the use of sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Expanding Sustainable Products: Our goal is to broaden our range of 100% sustainable products, thereby setting new benchmarks in the sports industry.

Enhancing Packaging and Distribution: We are committed to enhancing our packaging and distribution methods to be even more environmentally conscious.

Deepening Carbon Offsetting Initiatives: We plan to deepen our carbon offsetting initiatives and partnerships to make a greater positive impact on the environment.

In upholding the SET program, we pledge to elevate our standards of sustainability, leading the charge for a greener future in sports.

Rally For The Planet

Join Us 

As we present the SET program, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to sustainability. DAHCOR is not just a brand; it’s a movement towards a more responsible and eco-conscious future in sports. We invite everyone to be part of this ‘SET Program’ – a collective endeavor to create a lasting, positive impact on our planet. Your involvement is crucial to the success of this journey. 

Let’s rally together for a greener, more sustainable planet.