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Choose Your Style Dual (20)
Body Skin (20)
2. Skin Carbon
Interior Skin
Skin_1_7_7 Egypt (15)
Lettering Standard
Bumper Type Skin (30)
Skin_2_5_1 Golden Carbon
Butt Cap Type NFC Standard
Butt Cap Design Color
Color Black & Red (5)
Grip Size 3 (4 3/8")
Grip Type Synthetic
Model Anhu tkd
Signature Options
Signature Andrew Chou (15)
Specifications Our Decision
Your Gender Male
Your age 18
Your height 5'9
Your weight 140
For how long have you played? 10 years
How often do you play? twice weekly
What's the main benefit you're looking for in a racket? Versatility
Additional Comments I play first singles for my high school. Serve is fairly big and I like to hit hard but also slice. I tend to go to net whenever I can. My current racket is the donnay allwood 102 (lighter frame) strung with hybrid strings at about 45 pounds. I find it to be very comfortable with a good amount of power and a large sweetspot but I sometimes get too much bounce and thus inconsistency when I am hitting my hardest.
Ready to Play Your Best? Yes, I'm ready to play my best! (25)
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