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Choose Your Style Mono
Body Skin (20)
2. Skin Carbon
Lettering Standard
Bumper Type Skin (30)
Skin Carbon
Butt Cap Type NFC Pro (15)
Butt Cap Design Color
Color Black & Blue (5)
Grip Size 3 (4 3/8")
Grip Type Genuine Leather (20)
Model anhu 2021
Signature Options
Signature Andrew Chou (15)
Specifications Our Decision
Your Gender Male
Your age 18
Your height 5'9
Your weight 135 lb
For how long have you played? 7 years
How often do you play? twice weekly
What's the main benefit you're looking for in a racket? Not Sure
Additional Comments Like to serve big, but with some spin too. Like to go to net but enjoy hitting spin both topspin and slice from all areas of the court. Currently play a donnay allwood 102, which feels nice but notice that it transmits a bit too much vibration and sometimes lose control when hitting hard.
Ready to Play Your Best? Yes, I'm ready to play my best! (25)
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