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K97S Custom Racket

DAHCOR's K97S frame is the perfect high performance racket for players looking for a powerful, stable and spin-friendly response. As the game of tennis continues to get faster, we believe the K97S will work well for intermediate and advanced players looking for both power and control in a maneuverable racket.

The K97S frame is a modern, maneuverable racket with an explosive feel. It offers just the right amount of power, allowing players to attack shots with precision. With its 97 square inch head size, this racket provides all the control players need on court to be effective. At the net, this 97sq frame offers a comfortable crisp connection to the ball as players attack their targets with great precision. With our Proformance technology featuring super exclusive carbon fiber we reduce impact vibration and fatigue on the player’s arm. All tests done were conclusive that this K97S frame was easy to swing, and the great spin potential makes it easy to keep shots in the court.

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