12 Meters Set

Hybrid Strings

12m set



After intensive research and development, DAHCOR introduces two state-of-the-art strings tailored and synchronized with each other. The grey string mainly consists of soft Polyester Elastomer and offers an abundance of touch, speed and spin potential, while simultaneously ensuring minimal loss of tension. In comparison, stiffness of the black string is significantly higher, and ensures outstanding control, precision and durability. Desired playing properties are mainly determined by the main string of the tennis racket, and change depending on which of the two strings is used as main or cross string. By combining the two, both types of stringing offer balance of performance and a great game of tennis. 


Technical Specifications

• Gauge: 1.25mm

• Length: 12m

• Color: Black / Grey

Strings Features



This technology refers to a thermal after-treatment consisting of specific heating processes that are applied to the string. The heating evens out any irregularities and also eliminates internal stresses. The results are pliable and uniformly elastic strings.

This technology enables the molecule chains of a monofilament string to contract again, resulting in minimal tension loss and increased stability of playing properties, as well as increased arm protection, so that you can play for longer time with quality and health.

Once manufacture is complete the string is refined with a layer of a special wax. This layer simplifies stringing the racket and significantly extends the life of the string itself by reducing wear. You can feel it when you carefully touch our strings.

With this technology string movement is limited, optimizing the spin potential thanks to the snap back-effect, increasing also durability.  

Pre-stretching the string core or the entire string reduces the loss of tension to a minimum. At the same time allows for lower tension weights, providing high control along with greater comfort.