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Men's Bold Statement Tee


1X1 rib knit crew neck with elastane for added stretch

Covers reinforced shoulder and neck seams to prevent deformation

Removable label

Soft touch

Regular Fit



  • Smartwear

DAHCOR® wearable technology

DAHCOR wear products include a built-in NFC chip, upgrading the concept of our wear items into wearable technology, that we call SmartWear 

The embedded NFC intelligence is the same technology that already powers our rackets and other things like smart cards and @apple pay. So, customers can simply tap on the DAHCOR logo on their apparel with their NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet and get instant access to their product ownership on our APP, where they can find their name on it, when they bought the product, guarantee, composition and washing instructions, but have direct access to DAHCOR social media content about selected interests. In addition, our customers wearing our products can tap to get location-based data about tennis courts nearby, and other tennis points of interest or DAHCOR related.


“We want to be the driving force in the pursuit of technical innovation and superior performance, bringing the best products to market, meaning that a DAHCOR tee isn’t just a tee, it´s wearable technology so it´s definitely a smart tee. Through DAHCOR products our customers can know about the company’s philosophy and design aesthetic, get updates from social media, access a custom music playlist, and explore the fabric, engineer, fit, function and innovation, and more upcoming personalized features, including first access to products before its launch. With this innovative SMARTWEAR concept we turn typical physical products into digital connections, revolutionizing our consumer journey inside our DAHCOR world, still treating each and one of them by their own names.” Mr. Dahcor


With all of our products having digital authentication, our technology makes it impossible for counterfeiters to present knock-offs as the real thing, and gives consumers an easy way to verify authenticity because all our products have the built-in chip. Consumers and business inspectors can use an NFC phone to digitally verify a product is genuine, anywhere and at any time.

wear that i wear

“If I was asked to describe the aesthetic of this first collection, I would need first to apologize the ladies that might think that this is the most boring apparel line that they ever saw. I'm saying that because the vision I had for the first DAHCOR wear collection was being the representation of my Tennis identity on and off court, meaning my very own minimalistic style for all genders. 3 years of work, and enough research & development to say that this will be our eternal pret-a-porter collection, with just a few new products and amendments added once and then, and in 3 decades from now this description will still hold true. So what is my personal inspiration? I prefer clothes that are simple, well cut, with a minimalistic design but with one major extravagance, the branding. Never nothing too fussy or flashy, but always too glaring and patented, in a way that everyone starts to respect quality again, immediately associating it to our Brand.”

- Mr. Dahcor

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