Racket Match

  • Exclusive process

  • Top-notch quality

  • Professional work

  • 0-100

How does it work?

DAHCOR Racket Match system is the most exclusive process in the market to choose your newest tennis racket.

Regardless of your technical knowledge of rackets, Mr. DAHCOR will guide you to the racket of your dreams that combines the optimal frame set-up, which maximizes your performance on Court, and an exclusive highly personal design to assure that your best days of tennis are ahead of you!

The process to find your Racket Match is very thorough. You will be in constant communication with Mr. DAHCOR as every suggestion and their reasoning are presented and discussed with you.

No matter what it takes, we will only start producing once your highest expectations are surpassed and you give us the green light!

At DAHCOR, we will not rest until you play your best!

The Expert

Mr. DAHCOR is the founder of DAHCOR and a true Tennis fanatic.

Although he has entered the Industry less than a decade ago, his insatiable passion for the sport, relentless pursue of knowledge and equitable obsession with tennis technology and customization has position himself as one of the lead experts in the Tennis Industry.

His extensive knowledge over the different stages of a racket production and of a player’s development allied to the constant availability and passion to give you all the insights, make him the ideal partner in your pursue to have the highest performance on Court. 

Ricardo Rocha


3 different paths you can take!


Racket & Design Match 

Mr. DAHCOR will propose to you the most suitable racket for your characteristics and playing style with a highly personal and exclusive design.

Design Match

Mr. DAHCOR will propose to you a highly personal and exclusive design.

From Scratch

Along with Mr. DAHCOR you will develop a racket from scratch. You will choose the materials and guide us to create your own racket mold.