Nothing Artificial About It 

NAAI is a sports technology designed to help the biggest tennis enthusiasts improve their performance on court.

NAAI is based on a DAHCOR patented artificial intelligence technology which has the ability to see and hear spaces. This means that we can translate what we can see and hear into highly accurate data around performance. 

With our prototypes outperforming the market leaders in this space, NAAI is on track to become a market leader in the capture and presentation of performance sports data, initially disrupting the Tennis world.

Other solutions in the tennis marketplace are either extremely expensive, or irrelevant. Unless a technology can really help players to improve by analyzing play data and presenting it in a useful


Imagine having a permanent tennis pro at your side, complementing everything you do, replicating your favorite player forehand listening to his advices, or in an extreme application, playing against someone that is not in even in your city or country! We will get to that later but the the future is here.

Artificial Intelligence applied to tennis, in a way that any racket in the world will be able to listen, see and talk. Forget tennis sensors, smart courts or even the hawk-eye technology, NAAI is all that and much more, and nothing artificial about it.

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