Thanks again for applying to our Mod Legend Program. As you might already know, we do not want to be just another brand that gives a couple of rackets or sells merchandise with discounts and calls it sponsorship. We want to be part of your tennis journey and help you achieve your goals on court with a holistic program.

We have created this Contract Simulator for you to choose the most suitable offer, so you can play your best tennis without thinking in anything else. 

These four programs are designed for all types of players. But, if your dream is to become a professional player, you need to start being one right now. Planning and management have associated investments, and with this Simulator you can know exactly how far you can go with our support.

The final prices depend on your Contract Extension and Payment Terms. The more extensive the Contract and/or the faster you pay, the less Investment you make. The same applies to Ammo, the more you choose, the less you pay per unit.

With all this in mind, please go through our different scenarios and choose the one you feel is the right one for you, and we will send you the contract offer as soon as possible.


Your opinion matters!

Before you go back to court, please tell us why you do not want to become a Mod Legend.

Please write any additional comments.