Mário FERnandes

metaverse DIRECTOR

@ DAHCOR Group

Hi there 👋 

Working at DAHCOR GROUP is definitely not a job for me, it’s just living the life I’ve dreamed as Metaverse Director.

“Metaverse, non fungible tokens, I’ve heard a few things about it, but what exactly do you do Mário?”
Well, to be honest I consider myself a non fungible director. If that doesn’t answer your question, let’s just say that I work on the web3, from minting a NFT to build a whole new metaverse, using augmented reality or 3D. Every day at DAHCOR group is a challenge that I have the pleasure to face in the Metaverse, just by using the powerful combination of passion, commitment and competence.

Feel free to contact me whenever you need! 

All the best,