administrative DIRECTOR

@ DAHCOR Group

Hi there 👋 

Living in a world that demands us to define ourselves from an early age, I’ve always seen myself as an artist. Finishing my degree in Fine Arts only served to further prove what I already believed to be true; this was my one true passion. Time, however, has given me the flexibility to look at myself in different ways, granting me a greater leeway to discover new facets of myself.

This revelation was driven by the managing role I have assumed in my family throughout the years, coordinating the various different tasks that require attention 24/7. Taking on this leadership role made me realize the manager that lives inside me, by finding this piece of the puzzle I’ve found myself embracing the position of Administrative Director at Dahcor. Here, I’m challenged to lead the administrative folder across all the departments connecting creativity, technology and innovation, with the highest standards of organization.

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