Mariana magalhães

audio-visual DIRECTOR

@ DAHCOR Group

Hi there 👋 

The audio-visual world has been part of my life since I got my first camera. Since that exact moment, I have been developing my passion for photography, videography and motion graphics. My education in Communication and Cinema gave me a different perspective on the daily visual content that is presented to us, allowing me to use my skill set and creativity in a professional way. From planning to completion, this world of multimedia is so fascinating that I honestly feel like there are endless possibilities. That, and knowing that this very same world is changing as I speak, motivates me to study and learn more every single day.

The DAHCOR group has given me the opportunity to lead their audio-visual folder, and I couldn't be happier with the opportunity to contribute with my passion towards conquering such ambitious and encouraging challenges.

Feel free to contact me whenever you need! 

All the best,