We want you to be a great player, so we’ve developed a unique set of tools to accomplish that.

The first tool is the Frame DNA, where you have all the information to choose the frame that better suits your game. You can make this choice by yourself, or using our experts’ team, through our Racket Match Quiz or through our direct contact:

The second tool is the B.Y.O. (Build Your Own) — a bespoke product engineering & design system unlike anything else in the racket sports business. With this tool, you are able to fully customize every aspect of your racket, from the many cosmetic options available to the technical specifications you chose on the Frame DNA. With DAHCOR B.Y.O. players like you lead design, and individuality precede product. 



By spending only a few minutes fulfilling our Racket Match tool, you will have your own frame identified within a maximum of 7 days. 

This is certainly a better use of your time and money than buying new rackets each year, most of which you won’t be thrilled with (who wants to waste time on unsuitable gear?). Our experts produce and customize rackets every day, all year long, and can quickly guide you to just the right combination of parameters. 

The consultation gives you a more intimate look at your racket requirements, and a real input into your optimal combination of head size, weight, balance, stiffness, and other specifications.


3. B.Y.O.

Instead of choosing a racket based on the design, which often ends up being a racket that is simply not adequate to your game, DAHCOR offers you the process backwards: first you choose the frame that suits perfectly your game and then you choose the design. To choose the design you have 2 options, you can pick a design from our existing collections or make your own using the B.Y.O. system. 

This process enables you to have 2 or more rackets built with the same frame specifications and having completely different cosmetics, something never done before in this Industry.

Whether you know a lot or very little about racket engineering and design, we will guide you to the perfect blend of shape, materials, specifications, flexibility, spin, control and power.

The result?... You'll play comfortably with your OWN racket, 100% hand made for you, and with all details from the weight to balance selected according to your Player ID. 

With this B.Y.O. System, players lead design, and individuality precedes product. 



After you complete a purchase, we will evaluate the production time of your order specifications with our engineering team, to inform you the exact shipping time within 3 business days. The production time might take between 4 to 12 weeks depending on the custom specifications of your order.

Here you can see an illustration of all the purchase’s steps:


DAHCOR’s design-and-build process blends 21st century technology with old-world craftsmanship. 

Our process yields parts that fit together with precision unequalled in the racket business – precision akin to what is achieved in the making of luxury hand made products. This accuracy allows us to finish the rackets with a precision not possible in a mass-production factory. There are no voids in a DAHCOR racket, it is a 100% hand-made production finished with a ceramic anti-risk varnish, which is one of the secrets to DAHCOR’s rackets aesthetics durability. 

You can track the manufacturing process as DAHCOR’s team will keep you updated by sending pictures of the different production stages.


When you get your DAHCOR Custom racket, we expect that you play your best!

DAHCOR offers a 100% replace guarantee for 1 month, so there’s no risk of getting stuck with a racket that you don’t absolutely love. If you are not totally satisfied with the way your new racket feels, we’ll make it right! We will make all the technical adjustments the racket needs to perfectly suit your game, based on your feedback.

We give a lot of importance to the follow-up after a sale. We offer refurbish services to keep your rackets in top-performance condition for years to come, including changing completely the design. For the 1st anniversary of your racket(s) DAHCOR will offer you a complete inspection including re-griping, bumper guard replacement, polish of the varnish and an ATP re-stringing for a special price. 

At DAHCOR, we will not rest until you play your best!




The head of a tennis racket is where the strings are placed, which create the primary hitting surface. The bigger the head, the more power the racket has. Inversely a smaller head, will give less power to the racket, but the control is increased.Head sizes can vary a lot, however DAHCOR offers a size range between 97 and 102 square inches which are the most suitable for all type of players. In a near future DAHCOR will increase its range of racket’s head size and will introduce the 95 sq. inch racket. 


The beam of a racket is the thickness of the racket head, which differs from racket to racket. Usually power rackets have a larger beam, which allows strings to move looser and generate additional power. Control rackets have the beam thinner allowing for less movement of the string bed which adds more control. 


Definitely the strings are a core component of a racket, which when strung provides the flat trampoline, the hitting surface, to strike a ball. Tennis strings come in a variety of gauge and materials. The strings and the tension you string a racket have a direct impact on the power, control, spin and vibration you feel while playing.

Bumper Guard

At the top of rackets head covering the beam, there is a bumper guard protecting the impact zone of a tennis racket, which is often scraped across the ground when hitting groundstrokes. Bumper guards are made from durable plastic and over time will require replacement to avoid scraping the frame of the racket, which may lead to a cracked frame if not addressed.


Tennis racket grommets are plastic inserts that extend through the string holes around the entire head of a tennis racket. Grommets help protect the strings from the typically harsh surface and edges within string holes. Grommets are sized to a specific width per tennis racket to allow or constrict movement of the strings.


The shaft of a tennis racket extends from the bottom of the racket head, down to the butt of the racket. At the top of the shaft you’ll find the throat of the racket and below it, the racket handle.


The throat of a tennis racket starts at the top of the handle and splits into two sections, which extend outward on both sides of the racket to begin the formation of the racket head. The center of the throat is hollow to keep the weight of the racket down and is where much of the flexibility in a racket comes from. A “stiff” racket will often provide less flex at the throat of the racket to help generate additional power when hitting.


The handle of a tennis racket is the bottom part of the racket shaft and is the portion of the racket that is held when playing tennis. It’s important to select the correct size handle to ensure comfort and limit the possibility of an arm injury.


The grip of a tennis racket is simply the outer covering of the racket handle. It helps give your hand a firm grip on the racket and provides a cushion surface to protect your hand from the harsh surface of the handle.


The butt of a tennis racket is the bottom most portion of the racket handle. It’s slightly wider than the handle, which helps ensure the racket doesn’t slip out of your hand when you swing.

Butt Cap

The butt cap of a tennis racket simply seals off the bottom part of the racket handle and it’s the common spot where racket manufacturers place their logo as well as the racket handle size. DAHCOR is the only manufacturer that offers a Butt cap customization.