WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN the four different Mod Legend Programs?

The four Mod Legend Programs are the Root, the Core, the Advanced and the Elite. 

The “Root” is the most simplistic Program. It is the only one where you do not have to acquire all DAHCOR tennis equipment and consequently do not have to be DAHCOR exclusive Tennis player. This Program has the higher unitary costs and it is the only one that does not include the optional services.

You will play with your own Autograph B.Y.O Racket and will have your Player profile page at with all your tennis related information.

On the “Core”, and at the other two programs, you shall exclusively use DAHCOR equipment during all tennis activities. 

You will play not only with your own Autograph B.Y.O Racket, but with all DAHCOR custom-made Ammo, including Apparel, Shoes or Bags. You will have your Player profile page at with all your tennis related information. 

On the “Advanced” Program, you will be part of the creative process and will help us develop your own brand. The Ammo you play with will have your brand's features, which can include: Logo, Personal Patterns, Caricature, Nickname or Signature.

We will not only deliver a DAHCOR custom-made Ammo, but your brand’s custom-made Ammo. 

We will also develop your Brand's website with all your tennis related information including: Personal Information, Equipment Information, Technical team, Training Schedule, Tournament's Plan, Photo and Video Gallery, Bio and Contacts. 

Finally, on the “Elite” Program, you will be part of both the creative process and manufacturing process. Apart from the brand development detailed on the “Advanced" Program you will also help develop your own molds. From Rackets to Shoes, Strings or Bags, we will produce completely new products for you. With our technical assistance, you will guide the whole developing and manufacturing process along with our engineers and become one of the few players in the World to have a service like this.


Is any Program free of costs?

No. All Contract scenarios have associated costs.


If the Contract is not free of costs, then does DAHCOR give any discounts for the Ammo?

No, at DAHCOR we have a strict No Discount Policy. Instead, DAHCOR invests in you and on your game, and gives you better commercial conditions for all your Ammo, because you are not a customer, you are more than that, you are a Mod Legend!


Well, but isn’t “DAHCOR Investment” just a fancy expression for Discounts?

No. Discounts are a sale technic that is usually put into practice so brands earn revenues in some out dated products. At DAHCOR there are no such products! 

We are not supplying standard equipment, we have proposed you completely innovative Programs, with tailored equipment (and services) produced exclusively for you. Plus, we want to be part of your tennis journey and help you achieve your goals on court with a holistic program. 

So no, we are not giving you discounts, we are investing in you!


Is the “DAHCOR Investment” the same for every Mod Legend?

No, “DAHCOR Investment” (expressed on the Simulator as “Our Investment”) varies depending on your Contract Extension, the Payment Terms and the Quantity of Ammo you choose. The more extensive the Contract and/or the faster you pay, the bigger “Our Investment” is. The same applies to Ammo, the more you choose, the less you pay per unit.



What is the Ammo and how should I select the amount of Ammo in my Contract?

The Ammo are products designed for you, both technically and cosmetically, and adjusted to better suit your game. The Ammo is exclusively for your own use. 

To define the Ammo quantities you want in your Contract, you should have your player’s annual needs as basis. 

But do not worry too much about this decision, if you want to buy more Ammo during the Contract you are able to. However, be aware that the commercial conditions for extra Ammo will not be as advantageous as the initial conditions. 


Can I try the Ammo before I decide its specifications?

It depends on the Program you are in. If you are on the “Advanced” or “Elite” Programs, yes you can. If you wish, we will send Ammo with different technical specifications for you to choose the one that perfectly fits your player’s needs. 

If you are on the “Root” or “Core” Programs, this feature is not available. However, if you feel the specs you chose do not adapt to your game, you can send us back your Ammo and we will do all the adjustments to fulfill your player’s needs.


What about the transportation costs? Shall I pay an extra over “My Investment”?

No, the transportation costs are included in “Your Investment” on all Programs. However, on the “Root” and “Core” Programs only the “final” products have freight cost included.


At what moment do I choose the specifications of the Ammo in my Contract?

After you sign the Contract, you will be asked to give us all the details we need to develop the products that better suit you and your target, both in terms of cosmetics and the technical specifications.


And after I sign the Contract, how much time does it take until I receive the Ammo?

You will receive all the Ammo in a maximum of 3 months from the moment you sign the Contract. 

Since the time of production of the different Products is not the same, we will most likely send your Ammo in more than one shipment. 


About the Services, if I choose one service as optional do I get to pay for the service?

Well, that is optional… You only pay for the services you activate in the future. 

By choosing the service as optional you leave open the possibility to acquire the service in the future. However, be aware that the commercial conditions for the optional service will not be as advantageous as the conditions you will have if you incorporate the service in the Contract. 



How does the payment work? When shall I pay the first installment? And what about the subsequent payments?

Calm down, one question at a time, you do not have to get nervous when it comes to the Contract Terms.

To pay for the Contract you have four options depending on how many installments you want to have. The faster you pay for the Contract, the bigger “Our Investment” is.

Your first payment shall be made 5 business days after you sign the Contract.

The subsequent payments depend on the Investment Plan you chose, if you have not chosen the Annual Investment, you shall pay the subsequent installment one month, three months or six months after the first installment, if you chose monthly, quarterly or bi-annual respectively. 


How is the “Market Price”, “Your Investment” and “Our Investment” calculated?

The “Market Price” is the price of Ammo for a regular customer.

“Your Investment” is your Program’s price.

“Our Investment” is the difference between the Market Price and Your Price in the Ammo and the benefits you get pending on your Contract Terms choices. 


If I choose more than one year as a Contract Length, do I have to annually invest the same amount I will invest in Year 1?

No, the Investment amount is not fixed, every year you will receive a similar Simulator to choose the annual amounts of Ammo and Services.

Keep in mind that there are costs every year of your Contract, as you shall renew your Ammo. 


Do you have any kind of Incentive’s Program that will allow me to reduce my Investment?

If such specific question would be answered with a no, it would be kind of weird…

In a near future, we will present an innovative Incentive’s Program that will allow every Mod Legend to gain DAHCOINS depending on the achievement of proposed objectives. The Mod Legend might earn DAHCOINS in an amount that represent the total value of his/her Contract Investment.

With our virtual coin, the Mod Legend will have credits for future purchases on our website and/or for his/her Contract Investment in the following year.



What happens after I submit the Simulator?

After you submit the Simulator, we will present your Mod Legend Contract, with all the conditions you chose on the Simulator, within 7 days. Then, all you need to do to officially become a Mod Legend is to sign the Contract.


But, what if I change my mind regarding the amount of Products or the Services I chose in the Simulator?

Please note that your answers to the Simulator are not binding.

If you want to make any alterations to your initial submission, you are able to do it until the moment you sign the Contract. 


Is the Contract Renewal automatic?

No. At the end of the Contract DAHCOR will analyze this partnership, and decide to continue or terminate it.


For any further questions please contact us: