The store

 DAHCOR Flagship Store is a premium store equipped to deliver the best purchase experience to every customer with a unique combination of ultimate personalization and in-depth technical knowledge.

Our in-store tech is designed to allow customers to personalize all the products they want to buy, through multiple last-generation interactive touchscreens, that enable users to drag and drop colours, fabrics, materials and many other options on their personalized products. But also, to gain valuable insights into all our products’ features through both extensive technical explanations on all products at display for all visitors and Fitting Sessions in our Smart Court.

DAHCOR Tennis equipment is developed for demanding players who look for their identity on their gear.

By using the most advanced technology, superior craftsmanship and the finest materials, our range of products is designed to be multifaceted to accommodate any kind of player. Regardless of which features take center stage during play time, DAHCOR has the perfect material for every requirement and every performance level. From heavy-duty training rackets to demanding professional strings, we offer a broad spectrum of products for players to use on court.

fitting center

Our Equipment experts will prepare fitting sessions for customers to test different racket setups and other equipment in our smart courts, where cameras are set up to record the action from multiple angles, along with Kinect sensors that capture body movements and display them on real-time to any device with internet.

Using this technology’s level of detail, we will prepare a “Performance Report” with the results’ comparison amongst the different frames and/or strings. The report will include clear charts and mappings regarding different performance features such as accuracy, power or spin and will have a final suggestion on the best all-around racket set up for each client.


Mr. Dahcor

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