Experiência DAHCOR

Está em Portugal e quer testar os nossos produtos? Então marque uma sessão de demonstração a decorrer nos campos de ténis cobertos do Jamor.

Pedidos de marcação online terão de ser feitos, no mínimo, com um dia de antecedência. 

Após a submissão do pedido de marcação, enviaremos uma confirmação por email o mais rápidamente possível.

Se não está em Portugal mas quer ter esta experiência, carregue a página em inglês.

Para mais questões, contacte-nos através do nosso email support@dahcor.com.

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DAHCOR experience


a pack for you to test our ammo on court


2 Demo Rackets for 1 week

    Newly Strung with DAHCOR Strings

    Strung by an ATP Official Stringer

    New Overgrips Placed

2 String Sets

3 Mod Legend Overgrips

2-Way Shipping





$25 x2

$20 x2

$15 x2

$2.5 x2

$20 x2
















You have 7 days to try out the Demo Rackets starting the day following to the package delivery.

The String Sets and the pack of Overgrips are for your personal use.

Credit in Future Purchases


$25 in Credit per racket

Free Racket Signature

Free Bespoke Options (Weight and Balance)

Free Express Shipping

Limited to 2 Rackets

Apply by submitting the following questionnaire

This application format was designed to make sure every player tries the DAHCOR Rackets that better suit their game

every detail of this Experience

What do I have to do to get the DAHCOR Experience Pack?

All you have to do is fulfill the Racket Match questionnaire above, so we have the insight we need, in order to send you the most suitable rackets for you to demo. 

As soon as you complete the questionnaire, you will be sent to a checkout page to purchase the pack - $ 250 ($100 for the pack and $150 for Deposit).

Finally, within 10 working days, you will receive the DAHCOR Experience Pack on your doorway.

How do I return the demo rackets? 

We will include a prepaid return label in the package. Simply place the return label over the demo box’s existing label and ship it back to a DAHCOR facility. You won’t be charged any additional fees.

How does the Credit works? 

You get a credit of $ 50 after this Experience in the purchase of 2 new rackets - $ 25 for each one.

Each racket will have the following features free of charges: Signature; Bespoke options and Express Shipping. These features combined, when applied to 2 new rackets have a retail price of $ 140.

Therefore, the total Credit you get on the purchase of two rackets is $ 190.

What are the strings in the Demo Rackets, and which string sets am I going to receive? 

The strings we will send you depend on the evaluation of the questionnaire you filled above and our available stock.

But one thing is for sure, with DAHCOR Strings, you will have the opportunity to play and gain, with no pain!

When do I get back the deposit? 

The deposit is $ 75 for each racket. We will pay you back the total amount of the deposit (if the demo rackets are not damaged) the moment they return to a DAHCOR facility.

What happens if I deliver the demo racket with defects? 

If a demo racket is delivered damaged, we will charge you the repairing fee, which will be deducted from your deposit. DAHCOR reserves the right to define the repairing fee and take it from your deposit.

If a racket is broken or unrepairable, you shall pay the racket’s value - $ 150 (for each racket).

We encourage you to check the racket(s) upon delivery to ensure you will not be held responsible for any damages during the shipping process. If damages have occurred prior to use, please contact us immediately.

What happens if I take more than 7 days to ship the rackets? 

If you ship the demo rackets late, you will be charged $ 5 per day, which will be deducted from your deposit. If you are more than 7 days late, we will keep the whole deposit and invoice you the full price of the rackets - $ 300.