DAHCOR Tennis Center


This presentation sets out a strategic plan for Dahcor Tennis Center.

It reviews strengths, challenges and opportunities; presents a series of statements relating to Dahcor Tennis Center's vision, mission, values and objectives; and sets out its proposed strategies and goals.

With a team of qualified coaches, who know how to find the way to extract the best out of each player, DAHCOR TENNIS CENTER shall develop a family environment where players are treated with personal attention and feel at home. It is essential to create a very close relationship between coaches, players and parents.

It is crucial for the success of the academy that every worker has the passion and dedication to help the pupils become better players and, most importantly, better individuals.

Here is a brief explanation of all the Academy’s activities:

• Group and Private lessons

• Clinics: Having one beginner’s group class open to every player, in a pay-per-class format, per day

• Holiday Camps: A set of activities, including Tennis, to fulfill the youngsters’ days with physical activities and fun

 Half-Day Camps: Partnership with Schools nearby to develop special activities for their students’ free afternoons

• Smart Court Academy applications

• CAISL – creation of the CAISL school’s Tennis Team and develop a special pack for the Team’s training. 

Tennis Center

Strengths & Challenges

This strategic plan addresses the following key strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for Dahcor Tennis Center:


- 5 years of business with great results as BTA

- Know-how regarding running an academy and tennis school

- Great key leader for performance tennis

- Tennis pros' enthusiasm and with the right drive

- Perfect location for an international tennis project

- One of the top 3 tennis infrastructures in the country

- Only facility with school, clinic room, bus, restaurant and other features

- 14 tennis courts, indoors and outdoors

- Ability to host International tournaments

- Ability to host events

- Hundreds of potential members in the area

- Very little competition in Portugal

- Positive image in the community


- Not enough indoor courts in windy / rainy days or peak times

- Lack of communication with members

- Difficulty in filling courts in off-peak times

- Lack of a key leader for social tennis

- Past 1.5 years with some loss of tennis enthusiasm

- Lack of a wind blockade on all outdoor courts

- HP Academy program not running anymore

- Part of the facilities feel cold and unwelcome

- Not taking advantage of the big community, schools, etc.

- Inexistent feeder program structure

- Other non-racket sports for recreational activities

- Activities for leisure time

- Cost of hardcourts

- Membership program is not properly marketed

- Membership only focused on discount

- Competition from other clubs since HP academy ended 


Our vision of DAHCOR TENNIS CENTER in 2 years' time is:

We will be the no.1 tennis academy in Portugal, with strong membership & financial growth, low attrition, high court utilization, unparalleled junior and adult programming, and a tennis staff that is revered in the industry. 

Mission Statement

Provide DAHCOR TENNIS CENTER members and the surrounding community with the most comprehensive tennis programming that offers a “something for everyone” concept.

Corporate Values

The corporate values governing DAHCOR TENNIS CENTER’s development will include the following:

- To take a leadership role in developing and championing the growth of tennis in our tennis community

- To hire, train and compensate staff members so that we will be the envy of all other clubs

- To plan, prepare, implement, and constantly review our goals, strategies and processes to ensure the financial viability and member satisfaction within the club

- To constantly research and strive to enhance the member experience in terms of tennis training methodologies, social and competitive venues, and facility management

Business Objectives

The business objectives of DAHCOR TENNIS CENTER are summarized as:

- #1 Tennis Academy in Portugal

- Achieve 90% + member satisfaction level and value of the club

- Having a significant occupation rate at all hours and days

- The cheaper court rental in the area from 11h – 16h (in business days) on outdoor courts

- New Balls included in any court rental scenario (as optional)

- 2 extra court rentals per hour

- Create DAHCOR PROFORMANCE INSTITUTE and be the only truly holistic academy in the world

- Make professional players from most of our HP programs

- Franchise both DTC and DPI and launch the 2 business models internationally  

Key Strategies

The following critical strategies will be pursued by DAHCOR TENNIS CENTER:

1. Rebranding of the entire academy as DAHCOR TENNIS CENTER
2. Having a DAHCOR flagship store
3. Having a VIP FITTING ROOM where players can choose all the gear specifically produce for them
4. Having 1 to 2 smart Courts
5. Having a national influencers network
6. Create strategic alliances with sponsors and local companies
7. Create protocols with international schools
8. Having a wind blockade for the hardcourts so that we can solve most of the problems cause by the wind and, on top of that, advertise that achievement so that people stop saying “Beloura is the only club that has wind”.
9. Having 3 more Indoor courts
10. Having led illumination in all courts
11. Having a closed social network to communicate only with the members
12. Having a key leader as host, only for social interactions
13. Build a big foundation of junior players for competition
14. Having proficient and qualified tennis professionals
15. Host major national junior and adult tournaments, and also ITF Futures and Challengers.

16. Create High-End events including fantasy camps
17. Utilize committees, focus groups, and surveys to garner information and support new programs/activities to fill off-peak hours and deal with peak demand
18. Create non-profit programs for the less fortunate
19. Secure long-term sponsors/partners for internal and external promotions
20. Implement a member retention program which will integrate new members and follow up on low-user members
21. Using the awareness of DAHCOR’s international alliances in DTC’s project, including GPTCA key persons and Tennis Legends
22. Host at least 1 GPTCA symposium for coaches
23. Having the DTC as “home” for all the DAHCOR’s ATP/ WTA players anytime they want to use the facilities
24. Create a section of tennis members for the committee to gain feedback and support for new initiatives 

Key Principles

1. Only running programs that have the potential to grow and be profitable.

2. Membership revenues are equally as important as program revenues. Increasing membership will help fill up our programs and give your current members more players to play with.

3. Having new beginner tennis players, especially adults. New beginners are the lifeblood of a tennis club’s membership referral program, as they will refer more new members the first year than an advanced player will in five years.

4. Offering a program for every member, age and level, and have a program where players can go from lower to higher levels.

5. Prioritizing court usage by the programs that generate the most revenue, that involve the most members and that go for the longest amount of time.

6. Focusing on building groups that create bonds of friendship and improve usage and retention.

7. Private lessons are normally canceled if the tennis professional cannot teach the lessons. We need to offer the students the option to take a private lesson with a substitute tennis professional.

8. Create a Tennis League with all the members. Leagues are a great way to have members play an additional time every week without having to do any game arranging.

9. Organize social events as a way to make the center a club. The social component is a huge factor in why people play tennis.

10. Monthly internal tournaments

11. Having tennis professionals who enthusiastically can and will teach all levels. 

Smart Court

The Smart Court is a camera-based system, powered by the latest technology in computer vision that provides live streaming, and extensive statistics and analytics.The Court will be available 24/7 only for private classes, renting and fitting sessions, and it will have a vending machine (installed with biometric access) supporting the court’s activities, with balls, overgrips, towels and snacks on it so the players will have all they need.

Every player will have access to a user-friendly software to analyze his performance, track progress, create highlight clips, challenge friends, collect trophies on any smart device (mobile, tablet, computer).

Every lesson taken on the Smart-Court is analyzed by the coach and a detailed report can be sent to the students and their parents.

The unprecedented level of data will allow in-depth analysis of individual strokes, rallies and match play, giving coaches a bigger insight to develop strategies to raise the game of their players.

The unprecedented level of data will allow in-depth analysis of individual strokes, rallies and match play, giving coaches a bigger insight to develop strategies to raise the game of their players.

The access of this technology by all DTC’s coaches and players will create training synergies and will empower players on the analysis of their own game.

DTC teachings must extend beyond the court, as important values shall be passed to the athletes, such as teamwork, responsibility, fairness, positive attitude, among others. 

It is crucial for the success of the academy that every worker has the passion and dedication to help the pupils become better players and, most importantly, better individuals.

Regarding the rentals the goal is to have different packages for the use of the Smart court and having 5 hours rented per week. 

Flagship Store


With our Flagship Store concept, we will lead the transformation of tennis retail — offering the best of DAHCOR products, services and experiences under one roof. With this store, we can realize the promise of personalized performance, powered by in-store experts elevating every player’s potential.


Dahcor’s experience-focused approach to its flagship store wants to create an activity center where shopping and playing can go and hang out – and get active. The flagship store objective is being a retail destination above all else, that is optimized for the purposes of encouraging shoppers to try out the products on sale in energetic, spirited, and, importantly, personalized way, through on sight testing gear.

The in-store tech is designed so that customers can personalize all the products they want to buy, but also gain insights into their racket performances using our smart court(s), where cameras are set up to record the action from multiple angles, along with Kinect sensors that capture body movements and display them on real time to any device with internet.

Our Equipment experts will prepare fitting sessions for customers to test different racket setups and then, using this technology’s level of detail, will prepare a “Performance Report” with the results’ comparison amongst the different frames and/or strings.

The report will include clear charts and mappings regarding different performance features such as accuracy, power or spin and will have a final suggestion on the best all-around racket set up for each client.

But, more than that, the store will be completely connected with all the facilities through RFID technology with the intention to bridge the gap between digital and brick-and-mortar experiences. Clients don’t have to be physically on the shop to be shopping, they just need to be inside of the DAHCOR TENNIS CENTER to automatically receive a voucher or the latest product announced. For instance, customers can later access all footage recorded of them through their app – and even share it on social media if they wish. The app, indeed, is smart, and uses data collected when shoppers are using the in-store equipment to better tailor the experience the next time they come in – not only will it know the customer’s stride and the last time they played in the smart court, but remember which shoes they tried on, which racket they wished to have, and make new recommendations accordingly. 


Dahcor’s flagship store will offer unique experiences that customers can’t get online, for example testing out the new products in real court – Play before Pay. But most importantly, the store will also serve to bolster Dahcor’s digital strategy. Fully connected and integrated with the app, if customers walk out without making a purchase, their data will be stored with easy access so a path for future purchases can be efficiently built.

Products & Services

- BYO rackets

- Collections rackets

- Junior rackets

- Racket customization

- Strings

- Stringing service

- Balls

- Grips

- Apparel

- Bags

- Shoes

- All accessories

- Fitting session 


With the goal of creating a dynamic and lively environment on DTC, there shall be developed a packed yearly calendar with events every single weekend.There will be three types of events.


The Tournament calendar shall be full in order to attract weekenders that regularly pass by on the DTC knowing that there will be some kind of tournament taking place.

With every tournament, there will be new players visiting the Center and being in direct contact with unique facilities, which will result in the attainment of some of these players.

There are three categories of Tournaments:

Internal Social Tournaments, for all BTA students

Federated Tournaments in every group age

International Tournaments - Tennis Europe and Futures

Social High-End

Getting advantage from the demographics of the region the club is in, there shall be organized high-class events, combining tennis with high-social class’ activities.

Here are some examples:

Fantasy Camps with Tennis Legends like Boris Becker, Bjorn Borg, Martina Navratilova and many others. The opportunity to play and hang out with true tennis Legends that left their mark on the sport;

Exclusive 1on1 hitting experiences with ATP and WTA players (sponsored by DAHCOR) to understand the dynamics of a professional player, and of course, ball speed and rotation;

Cocktails & Tennis events where the participants that are not playing have an area to hang out and have a drink;

Tennis for Foodies, combining boutique food with Tennis.


Whether hosting a conference or a tournament, companies use corporate events to bring people together to develop interpersonal relationships that couldn't exist inside the structured environment of the office. Here is a look at the different types of corporate events we intend to promote in DTC:


Organizations plan and hold these meetings with targeted audiences and provide them with relevant information.


Organizations often attend workshops as a lead generation activity. Companies may also choose to host or sponsor these events to reinforce their image as premium brands among those who attend.


The idea is to give people in the organization a venue where they will be able to build relationships in a relaxed environment, both for avid players and beginners.


Tennis, outdoor and physical group activities epitomize corporate team-building events. In fact, companies all around the world specialize in hosting team-building events in intricate indoor and outdoor courses of their own design.

Product Launch

Launch events are meant to generate media coverage and industry buzz prior to a product release.