Boasting of unrivaled versatility, DAHCOR balls are not only long lasting, but can also be used in higher altitudes and hard or soft courts, being synonymous of excellent quality. 

Our tennis balls are very similar to the premium balls that are on the market in terms of quality and playability, but with a different feeling that comes from our UK felt. 

DAHCOR tennis balls are made with UK Playne’s Woven felt and have the following characteristics:

· Championship quality Playne’s tennis ball cloth.

· A wool-rich surface fiber provides players with superb touch and feel off the racket. 

· Proven to be durable and ensures consistent performance over product life.

· Excellent all round performance for all court surfaces to enhance player performance. 

· A perfect balance of wool & nylon content in the surface fiber pad that ensures high resistance to abrasion.

The key difference from our Tennis Ball range is the Lotus Effect technology they are made with, which makes DAHCOR’s balls extremely durable.